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Fall Semester 2015

Lindy appointed Adjunct Professor at Drexel University School of Law

Jeffrey M. Lindy, Esquire, has been appointed as Adjunct Professor of Law to teach Introduction to Trial Advocacy, a seminar where students learn courtroom skills by engaging in all aspects of trial litigation in a classroom setting. For final examination, students prepare for and conduct a complete mock trial.

May 2015

Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Defender Services Office
Litigation Training Seminar Faculty Instructor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As the CJA Panel Attorney Representative for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Jeffrey M. Lindy, Esquire, presented opening remarks for a three-day program entitled Non-Capital Sentencing Mitigation Skills Workshop. Mr. Lindy was appointed as faculty instructor for this seminar designed to assist experienced attorneys in private practice who receive appointments from U.S. District Courts to represent indigent defendants in criminal matters. The seminar integrated lectures with small group workshops to teach the methodology for developing non-capital mitigation evidence and its effective use in persuasive sentencing advocacy. Lindy co-facilitated the workshops where the participants used a hand-on approach in learning to investigate, develop, and present mitigation at sentencing hearings.